California RBS Permit

Learn to server and sell alcohol responsibility and legally in the state of California. Our ABC State Approved California RBS server/seller certification training course. California server/seller training in not mandatory in the State, licensees and their employees that have completed RBS training by an approved training provider may receive mitigation benefits should an employee receive a citation for violating an alcohol law.

Many cities and municipalities which do require mandatory RBS training. These include, the City of Ventura, the City of Newport Beach, the City of Solana Beach, the City of Petaluma, the City of Rohnert, the City of Berkeley, Orange County, Alameda County and others. Please contact your local ABC representative for more information Phone 916-419-2500.

Please note you will need to turn your pop up blockers off to view some of the training material. Please disable your pop-ups while taking the training course.


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Tuition for the online class is $9.99. In order to take the class, you must agree to all our terms. No Refunds once payment is made.

We use Stripe as our online credit card provider. You do not have to have an account with them. We use Stripe because of their strong credit card standards and safe credit card processing. We do not store or save any credit card information on our website or database.

If you do not successfully pass the course, we will let you retake the course for free.

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